the nursery

The nursery will be in a building that has been much used and loved by generations of this community and has a long history of involvement in young people’s lives.

The ground floor is currently being completely refurbished for use as a nursery. Even in this very urban environment we have designed a wide verandah to go on the back of the building as well as a private garden, giving the children constant access to outdoor play space. 

The rooms will be light and airy, interconnecting for each age group.  The atmosphere will be distinctly homely, just like our nursery in Easton.

Nicola Brimble, our Head of Nursery, will be leading the opening of the nursery and building the team. She is a keen forest school teacher who has plans to include these opportunities in the day to day life of your children.

We’ve already recruited one educator who lives locally and we’ll soon be looking for a manager to join the team as numbers grow.



We recognise the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet in a child’s development. As well as delivering a menu that supports children’s needs, we teach them about nutrition.

Every day, Lynsey and her team in Bar des Amis – the Community Centre’s café – prepare meals and snacks that are balanced, healthy – and did we mention delicious?  

Each half-day session includes a hot meal – lunch for the morning session and tea for the afternoon session. There are also healthy snacks and drinks.

Sound appetising?  You can see a sample menu here.