the nursery

Built as a nursery when the Easton Community Centre opened in 1989, the annexe has now been fully refurbished to return it to its original purpose. We are restoring its history in order to give it a bright future.

Speaking of bright, the main room is big, light and airy, but not at the expense of its warm and intimate atmosphere. Beyond the double doors lies a private courtyard for the children to explore – full of plants, a mud kitchen and plenty of space to run around in complete safety.

Our Head of Nursery, Nicola Brimble, is a keen forest school teacher and this wonderful natural environment surrounding the building is a gift for her as well as the children.

Spread over two floors, our nursery is made fully accessible by a lift.


our ethos

Straight talking: We are a business dedicated to delivering the highest quality early years education and childcare. As such we believe our clients and stakeholders deserve honesty, integrity and transparency – free from jargon, so that’s what they get.

Empowering: We are also a social enterprise with a focus on ensuring that local community assets remain viable by providing them with a sustainable revenue stream. This re-routes power and determination back into the hands of those within the community. We have no shareholders, so there is no private gain from profit – it is shared with the local community, keeping the wealth where it is generated.

Nurturing: When it comes to the children in our care, we prioritise the pastoral. We believe that a feeling of safety, security and inclusion is the bedrock on which effective childcare is built. Similarly, we are passionate about supporting the professional development of our staff through lifelong learning.     

Accessible: Our aim is to create opportunity for children – irrespective of economic background – to attend the same local nursery. We want all children – and all parents – to build a stronger connection with their community.

Reliable: We don’t just talk a good game – we deliver. Our promises are just that, and our confidence is built on our track record. Our professional team puts both clients and community right at the heart of our business – right across the board.


nursery team

Nicola Brimble - Head of Nursery

Natalie Horton - Admissions Manager

Kelly McCloskey - Nursery Manager

Rosie Wilson - Deputy Manager

Amy Wootton - Early Years Educator

Chloe-Ann Burskys - Early Years Educator

Dorina Mag - Early Years Educator

Georgia Patsidou - Early Years Educator

Jemyka Bailey - Early Years Educator

Kate Sims - Early Years Educator

Lisa Hathway - Early Years Educator 

Rachel Dixon - Early Years Educator

Sinita Kaur - Early Years Educator 



We recognise the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet in a child’s development. As well as delivering a menu that supports children’s needs, we teach them about nutrition.

Every day, Lynsey and her team in Bar des Amis – the Community Centre’s café – prepare meals and snacks that are balanced, healthy – and did we mention delicious?  

Each half-day session includes a hot meal – lunch for the morning session and tea for the afternoon session. There are also healthy snacks and drinks.

Sound appetising?  You can see a sample menu here.