raising standards in early years education and childcare

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality early years education and childcare, underpinned by current research in the sector. We aim to give each child a personalised curriculum based on the key principles arising from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidance. 

What that looks like in practice is a flexible, personalised curriculum designed to help children grow at their own pace through play, active learning and creating and thinking critically. By keeping our focus on the process, we help to build creative and adventurous learners. 


our ethos

Straight talking: We are a business dedicated to delivering the highest quality early years education and childcare. As such we believe our clients and stakeholders deserve honesty, integrity and transparency – free from jargon, so that’s what they get.

Empowering: We are also a social enterprise with a focus on ensuring that local community assets remain viable by providing them with a sustainable revenue stream. This re-routes power and determination back into the hands of those within the community. We have no shareholders, so there is no private gain from profit – it is shared with the local community, keeping the wealth where it is generated.

Nurturing: When it comes to the children in our care, we prioritise the pastoral. We believe that a feeling of safety, security and inclusion is the bedrock on which effective childcare is built. Similarly, we are passionate about supporting the professional development of our staff through lifelong learning.     

Accessible: Our aim is to create opportunity for children – irrespective of economic background – to attend the same local nursery. We want all children – and all parents – to build a stronger connection with their community.

Reliable: We don’t just talk a good game – we deliver. Our promises are just that, and our confidence is built on our track record. Our professional team puts both clients and community right at the heart of our business – right across the board.


our key principles

We will deliver the highest quality nursery provision with the following foundation:

A well-qualified staff team

All of our nursery provision is led by a qualified teacher or early years graduate.

All of our nursery practitioners will receive at least the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage. 

We promote and support the continuing professional development of our employees, and advocate lifelong learning.


Secure attachments and positive relationships

Our nursery provision has a clear key person system and we will prioritise children’s emotional wellbeing. Above all else children should feel secure, comfortable and a sense of belonging. 


An intelligent, informed and personalised curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidance on education for the under-5s.

Communication and language
We help children to make themselves heard in the world and listen to others too – both adults and peers. It helps to centre them in the world.

Physical development
Our curriculum reflects the importance of activity and play in young children’s learning and development – there’s plenty of running, jumping and climbing trees.

Personal, social and emotional development
Our prioritising of the pastoral is geared towards helping your child to make relationships manage relationships and build self-confidence. 

These are key skills, and we take them very seriously. That’s why we focus on engaging ways to handhold children on their first steps through reading, writing…

… and ’rithmetic.

Understanding the world
We offer a stimulating environment, which engages the children and encourages their curiosity about the world through observation, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Expressive arts and design
We encourage children to be inquisitive, imaginative and questioning learners, exploring the world through a range of mediums including music and art.


A focus on children’s health and wellbeing

Our food meets the ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ recommendations. It’s healthy, balanced, nutritious… and it tastes really good, too.

All our nurseries incorporate outdoor play and access to natural spaces as key element of the design.


Being an active part of our community

We are part of the local landscape. As such, our nurseries look to enhance our curriculum by embracing partnerships and opportunities available in the community.

The children come first, but we know they’re not the only important ones. We value and actively promote the involvement of parents and families in the day-to-day life of our nurseries. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, Raised In reflects and celebrates the diversity of the communities and families in the community. 


A culture of continuous improvement

We use self-evaluation frameworks, including the ‘Bristol Standard’, to ensure we focus on continuous improvement.